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    Originally posted by computerfixitguy
    ZIPS mean nonthing to a Palm they have to be converted to a PDB.
    Actually Zips do mean something on Palm OS, SnapperMail is the first of many apps that are getting around to supporting the Palm OS Exchange Manager. The Exchange Manager is a system that allows apps to transfer files to each other in native PC format.

    Try zipping up a JPG and beaming it to your Palm. It will be accepted into HandZipper Lite and from there you can open the JPG into JpegWatch Lite. Both these apps (bundled free with SM) support the Exchange Manager (which is what our Attachment API is based on)

    So to dispell any fears of not getting enough support from other developers, let's just say that we're using the one and only standard for transfer of files - any future app that can support native files will most likely write in support.

    AcidImage 3.0 (JPG, BMP, GIF) is on its way. We've got quite a few others that we're working with to bring more attachment support to our users. BTW - a lot of people don't realize that Quickword can open HTML in full glory (unlike the MultiMail HTML stripping). Another worthy mention is the latest Quicksheet supports CSV. Yup, momentum is building...

    Will Lau

    A Killer Email Client for Palm OS Smartphones, now available...
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    Originally posted by computerfixitguy


    I am not sure who 2banywhere is, but Omnisky is where they started. Its an OK client. I will say its the best IMAP client I have used. I dumped Omnisky for the Treo because of coverage issues. Dataviz is still the mail app for me. Basejet close second if I can edit attachments.

    I am surprised at your observation. While 2bA could be the best IMAP client, they aren't there yet. They do offer folder support which is cool, they still do not sychronize with the IMAP message store (and a pain in the **** to a user) which is a key part of the IMAP standard. Somewhere down the road, this will be fixed.

    Basejet, on the other hand, sychronizes with the message store but doesn't support IMAP folders.

    Sooner or later, someone will get it right.
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    Multimail supports message and folder syncing.......
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    This will be effortful since I am actually using my Treo for this. In the end we should all just PPC units. They do this better. But no; banging our heads against the PalmOS wall invigorates our soul. SnapperMail given time could be the tool to have. Eventually PalmOS will handle media types better. Sony certainly tries hard.

    Palm has a 16 million user base opposes to 2 million PPC. If you want to sell software this is good. I am assuming most of us are techies trying to break the messaging barrier. But would you give your Mom a Palm for email? Probably not. Its not easy. The MS guys I love to hate are compelled to bridge that gap and charge for it.

    For any of you using outlook, Dataviz makes your palm experience better. That's why its good. If any of you have Agendus then you understand why it makes palm better. Agendus does things that PPC does and that's good. Popup calc is better than palm calculator. This is where palm fails us. Palm Source should be striving to make it better, but they capitulate. OS5 is a good start, but I need to communicate today! I love the Treo and I will make it work if it kills me. I want the Treo to make those Pacman wacka waka sounds as it eats the PPC ghosts!

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    Originally posted by Appleman
    Multimail supports message and folder syncing.......

    1. Multimail hasn't been updated in two years
    2. Multimail reviews aren't that positive especially on the Treo300
    3. A demo is not currently available

    On paper it looks good.
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    1. So? It still does what all the current mail apps do.

    2. Works fine on my 180. Any links to some reviews?

    3. Can't argue with that one, but since it was bought out by Palm, there is not much you can do. Send me a PM for a demo.

    It works good on my electronic paper too, the Treo
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    Originally posted by Appleman
    1. So? It still does what all the current mail apps do.

    2. Works fine on my 180. Any links to some reviews?

    3. Can't argue with that one, but since it was bought out by Palm, there is not much you can do. Send me a PM for a demo.

    It works good on my electronic paper too, the Treo
    There were several less than positive user reviews at Palm Gear !here ) but I found other negative reviews on the net as well. It appears as though it is pretty much a dead-end product.

    If it works on your 180, I should think it would work on my 300.

    At any rate, I would love to take you up on your offer. I'm sending you a PM right now. Thanks a lot.
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    At the offering of Appleman, I took the plunge and tried Multimail. Since my requirements revolve around IMAP and attachment support, I will focus on those two things.

    Frankly, for a product that hasn't had an update in two years, I was very surprised how feature-rich the product really is. It istalled effortlessly (Treo300), was easy to configure and has performed well in the day that I have used it. Compared to other IMAP clients I have used (Coresoft, 2bA, Basejet), Multimail appears to be pretty close to a fully RFC compliant IMAP client. It also supports most of the important (to me) attachments (doc, HTML, PRC, ZIP, etc.) via plug-ins so I do not have to hot-sync. The only thing really missing is polling but I can fix that.

    It is really too bad that this product "died on the vine." Hopefully players like SnapperMail, Basejet and 2bA will take the que regarding how an IMAP application is supposed to behave.
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    How are you going to fix the polling? macroplay?
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    Well, actually I didn't fix it per-se. Our e-mail server has the ability to send SMS messages when new messages are received and I had our IT department set it up for me. There is still an extra step (i.e. doing the retrieval) compared to real polling but it is better than nothing. Besides, I sort of like it this way. I was getting really tired of so many of the other e-mail clients taking control of the device when it was time to poll (otherwise known as an "arrogant application"). This always seemed to happen when I was in the middle of doing something else.

    p.s. Thanks for your help on this, Appleman.
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    No problem. I wanna try Macroplay, so I can have it check mail with say, the push of a button, instead of having to open the lid.
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    Macroplay should work great. You can also set times for events. A little pricy though.
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