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    Well, Sprint is at it again. They claim they never received my PDA trade-in, AND that the offer is not valid for company accounts.

    They read a list of restrictions that closely resemble the restrictions on the form, but then they add in no company accounts. meanwhile the very first step on the rebate form mentions "Companies submitting multiple PDAs may combine all pdas along withe the corresponding forms in one package freight pre-paid"

    Anyway, what number do I call to get past the people that lack the authority to think logically? I need help.

    By the way, my reference # is 3688-153. It would be very funny if any of you with free time called to complain that this issue has not been resolved.

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    Ok, now they have conceded that the offer should be valid for me.

    But, since they claim they haven't received the PDA, they can't do anything to credit the rebate. Since I had it insured, I have to file a claim with the post office. I have to have Sprint sign a form stating that they never received shipment or get a written, dated, signed letter stating same.

    Now get this: No one at Sprint will give me such a letter or any written confirmation that the parcel was not received. I talked to the call person, the supervisor, and the manager -no one would give me any documentatioin that it was not received.

    It seems that my options are getting rather limited at this point. Never trust anything except an instant rebate from Sprint.

    Understand this: Sprint owes me $100. I will collect.

    Any suggestions for revenge?
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    Has anyone received his/her trade-in rebate yet? It's been almost three months for me and still nothing.
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    Well, I doubt you are ever going to get it. go to and click the 'rebate status' text link at the bottom. If that system doesn't find your record, forget it.

    But there is hope!! After wasting hours and 2 months calling and negotiating with the rebate center, I was able to just get a $100 credit by calling customer service! It took 5 min.

    Now I have to go take 'screw sprint' off my to-do list

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    I have not received my rebate, sent in my old PDA September.

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    I will ask the person that was handling the $100 PDA rebate about what should be done in these scenarios. Please do not flood me with e-mails, just post kind reminders in the thread. I've got a million other things to do and I don't know what the turn around time for an answer will be.
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    has anyone noticed that this link to rebate status is NOT secure? you can put in anyone's number and see their full name if they have ever submitted a rebate request without having to put in any additional qualifying information!
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    I have (in theory) two rebates that are due me: The $50 "new vision phone" rebate, and the $100 Palm trade-in. I mailed in the PDA first, then 2 or so weeks later, the $50. On the web site, the $50 is there and "in process", the $100 is not listed at all.

    Somewhat concerned, I called the rebate number.

    A recording told me that they are closed due to "the holiday".



    December 12?

    I must have missed the memo.
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    Uncertainty with rebates is why I didn't go the Amazon route. Got mine at CC where they already had it $50 off retail. Plus I didn't care for Amazon's shipping window.
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    I work for Sprint...By no means are we trying to cheat anyone...if anything we're scrambling to get pcs vision issues straight with our customers, who pay our bills. I don't know who you guys have dealt with in the past, but if you have a business account, please call 800 877-4727...if you have a business account, DON'T CALL CUSTOMER SERVICE!!! They do not have access to your file. There is a dedicated team of reps to help you. If the rebate is thru the manufacturer, then concact the info provided from them. If the rebate is thru us, call bus. svcs. You are entitled to the rebate/discount/adjustment - programs like this are done to enhance our relationships with phone manufacturers, we're not trying to screw this up! Call one of us, let us know how to help you with account issues. If you have a corporate liable account, contact your feild rep, business services can only help you maintain your account. I worked for business services before I went 3g, so if you have ?'s, contact not overload my box, please...serious replies only
    Sa Da Tae
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    What customers want is for Sprint to get a clue. The network is AWESOME, the plans are great, and the Treo rocks. But how many rebates can you lose?? Yeah, I'm sure business services will be happy to give us all credits, because they know how sad the whole scene is.

    I posted about my rebate, and 3 others have posted that Sprint has no record of their rebate. Given the small audience that views this board (sorry, just comparing to the total # of Treo 300 buyers), that is obscene!

    Why offer all these STUPID rebates? If you want $300 for the phone -charge $300. The ONLY reason for all these rebates is that they allow sprint to stiff anyone without 5 hours to waste on the phone. Oh yeah, and they force people to stay past the trial period.

    Sprint could absolutely dominate this market. Instead, I'll be tellling anyone I can to stay away.

    Con game.
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    I still haven't received my $100 service credit for trading in a pilot...has ANYONE out there received their credit? They acknowledge receiving the pilot but nothing.
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    Have not received the rebate yet, and by the looks of it, it will never ever show.
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    Spoke to someone yesterday on the number from the rebate form (kept copies of everything). Automated system said they had no record of a rebate for my phone number, was put through to a support person. She looked into it, said they received my old PDA in August, put my on hold, came back and said she need to confirm something with her super, on hold, came back and said it should show in 2-3 weeks. Not sure what all the on-hold stuff was, but at least I have a name and number if I don't see it.

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    I've been told that a couple of times.....what a pita.
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    I have also called several times and been given the run-around. I've been speaking to supervisors, too. They keep asking me to call them back later. Very irritating.

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