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    I'm in ohio, I'm planing on going to vancouver and toronto for a few days, will I get serivice/reception in canada??? Roaming?
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    In Vancouver, you will have roaming coverage on Telus or Bell. Both have 1900 MHz CDMA coverage, although they may also have 800MHz coverage too (which you can't access because the Treo is single band).
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    I just returned from Montreal and the surrounding region, and found the voice coverage better than at home; data is not available. Features like caller ID, voicemail indicator all work.

    As mentioned, coverage is with both Bell and Telus, and you are charged both for roaming and long distance. I didn't do this, but others have mentioned they pre-bought a package for the month that includes a certain number or roaming and/or LD minutes. I think it may be called Traveler.

    Hope this helps.
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    People with business accounts can buy 100 offnetwork minutes for $20. This is called the travel option. This includes long distance. Otherwise, everybody can buy blocks of 50 offnetwork minutes for $10. These blocks do not include long distance. You can get as many of them as you want. If you call CS, they will add them as of your next billing cycle. Keep in mind that the minutes used in Canada may take anywhpehere from 3-7 days to show up in your usage so plan your roaming bundlwe purchase accordingly.

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