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    Has any anti-spyware software been written for the Treos? Are there any firewalls or "cookie catchers"? Thank you for any input.
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    Forgive my laziness for not searching the threads, but as long as this thread is along these lines, is there a need to load virus software, for those of us using Blazer, Xiino, SnapperMail, etc.? (Please no yelling at me; I normally search before posting, but I assume my post and the original post will be subject to the same kind of abuse.... )
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    I actually did the searches for "security" "spyware" "firewall" etc. on this board, about a week ago, without success.
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    Cool. Maybe you and I won't get burned on this one!
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    Is that what you were expecting? Actually, I don't think this has ever been discussed on this board. Probably because it's really a non-issue.

    About a year ago I heard of a Palm Trojan Horse but I've yet to hear anything about viri or worms. My gut tells me you are probably safe. Most worms these days are designed to tear through Microsoft products (IE and Outlook) so you're safe there. As for stuff coming in over web pages, most palm web-browsers use a proxy that dismantles HTML code and then reformats it for your device (Blazer does this, I'm sure). If anything malicious survives that, it still has to be written with the palm OS in mind and when you think about it, how many people are going to write stuff that affects such a small number of people? It's the same logic that keeps the number of MacOS worms and viri down.
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    Yep, the little bit of research I have done on the subject of virii on a Palm has kept my mind at ease. However, as more people move to browsing and receiving email on a Palm-based product, I think this may become an issue in the future.

    Kurt, have you heard anything about these types of problems with PocketPCs? Not that I'm for them -- actually it would give me fuel to add to the fire for a couple of PocketPC fans!
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    I think there are a total of 3? viruses TOTAL for Palm OS.. and they aren't even realyl viruses...

    However a hacked version of the gameboy emulator was once trojaned, and that freaked out a lot of people. You don't need antivirus software, but McAfee does make some for Palm OS.
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    Originally posted by miradu
    You don't need antivirus software, but McAfee does make some for Palm OS.
    Norton's also has a Palm antivirus program that is available when purchasing Norton's antivirus professional or as a stand alone purchase. It is horribly expensive and not worth it for only 3 viri. In addition, Norton's does scan files during hotsynchs and would prevent any transfer of viri from or to your handheld. If you look at Norton's virus definition list, the Liberty emulator trojan is listed as are the other two (palmdropper and something else that I cannot remember).
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    Trend Micro has a free product for Palm...
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    Originally posted by larryk
    Trend Micro has a free product for Palm...
    Do you use this software? If so, have you had any problems with it?

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    Originally posted by tommygreen

    Do you use this software? If so, have you had any problems with it?

    I have used it in the past without a problem. I removed it some time ago when I was in a memory crunch and have not reinstalled since. IIRC it was not excactly small.

    It allows you to manually scan, set up "Real-time" and Hotsync scanning.
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    Thanks flips! I appreciate the info.
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    Well, now I see that there are at least three companies involved in addressing these issues which will probably become more and more significant as wireless communication becomes popular. I imagine the Sprint Network is probably not as vulnerable on other security issues as the WiFi networks.

    Thank you all for your comments.

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