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    ie: There are privacy oriented email providers that put an emphasis on privacy related functionality & adopt strict privacy friendly terms of service.

    I am looking for a similarly themed model of cell phone.

    Yes I realize the safest method would be to buy prepaid phones & throw them away constantly.

    That's not what I am looking for. I am looking for a good phone that will remain on my major carrier's network with the same phone number for many years BUT I would like to support a manufacturer that puts a priority on privacy friendly functionality. ie: No internal GPS, easy ability to turn airplane mode on/off, no camera, etc.

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    I just noticed the tone for the phone re-starting. The Treo had been left sitting on a table turned off, with the phone on. When I looked, the phone app was being turned back on, like when the Treo has reset. There was a message letting me know that I had a new voicemal. ##377# still shows the earlier reset caused by 'Web'. Hmmm...

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