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    ...or you can file this under the hidden feature file. When you are in the phone application, on the page with the normal phone buttons displaying, you can use either the up/down buttons or the jog dial to scroll through the most recent outbound phone numbers. I don't believe that I read this in the manual, but the manual is pretty spartan, so I doubt it.

    Anyways, I discovered this by accident. It may not be news to some of you out there, but it is handier than going to the call log and selecting a number using the stylus.
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    I believe this is limited to the last 10 calls made. Can anyone confirm?
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    You are correct sir.....Yes!
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    That's pretty cool... I didn't know about that one.
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    this may have already been posted, but I found out today that when on a call the spacebar will turn the SpeakerPhone off/on and backspace to disconnect.
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    FYI - This is listed in the "Phone Tips" on the phone-numbers screen.
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    Yep, check out your screen. You should see a "<-" under the hangup button and the word "space" under the speakerphone button.

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