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    After reading posts below thought I would try talking to "retention department" at Sprint. Went into Sprint outlet in Denver, picked up their direct line to cust svc, asked for retention dept., lady said she might be able to help, did not need retention dept. explained I was one of Denvers longest sprint customers, and tired of my lg3000, and wanted a $200 credit on my bill toward a new phone. She looked up myu account, took a few minutes.....AND ISSUED THE CREDIT! I paid, $499- $50 (in store credit) less $200 off my next bill = $249

    I have been with Sprint since their merger w/ cellular one in Denver - I paid $449 on my credit card, but they did offer to put it on my billl...

    What are best downloads?

    How do you get them into the Treo?
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    Wow! Good one. I thought that I did well by walking in and getting $100 off the phone in-store. You did very well.

    Bob Duckworth
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    At last count, Palmsource says there are 15,000+ applications for the Palm OS platform. I can't recommend any specific apps for you, but I can pretty much assure you that whatever you want, it's out there.

    Some good starter lists of "essential" apps:

    PalmGear: The Essentials

    Handango: Essentials

    Tucows: Palm OS (everything)
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    and at the risk of sounding like i am bragging, you might check out the ringtones i posted

    they are free, i did them for my own enjoyment. that thread has the info on installing them also. personally, i use ringo
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    Originally posted by nasdq1
    of my lg3000
    I was also a previous lg3000 owner (a.k.a TP-3000, right?)..
    I miss the built in voice activated dialing, and being able to do anything with one hand...but I'm never turning back
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    Here are the 'essentials' I have come up with since using my Treo 300.

    -Launcher X
    -SplashSuite (ID, Shopper, Money, Photo)
    -Treo300SMS (2-way SMS will hopefully someday be free from Sprint)
    - Bejeweled
    - TreoTools
    - Buttons T
    - Filez
    - TreoPictureCallerID
    - RecoEcho
    - TealMaster
    - Afterburner
    - TreoKeyboardUtils
    - VeriChat when it becomes available.

    Am I missing anything ?
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    Go to
    Lots of very useful free apps here. I recommend Palmasutra - most useful program I know.
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    Note: Although the apps above are for transit in SF area only, many urban transit systems offer their own version of Palm OS schedule apps. Check your local transit authority. You may be pleasantly surprised.
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    You are hilarious! I've never been able to get the color version of PalmaSutra to work (resets Treo).

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    Originally posted by ChemEngr
    Go to
    Lots of very useful free apps here. I recommend Palmasutra - most useful program I know.
    This looks v-e-r-y interesting!
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    Actually it was a recommendation from someone else on this board. I suggest you try your best to get it to work. I installed it last week and I've never been happier with my phone. It's one of those programs you demo to people that make fun of how big your phone is.
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    Yeah, I have the black-and-white working, fiance really enjoys my big phone...

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    I've never seen the B&W version, but the colored one is very colorful Sooner or later they all want a big phone like mine. LOL
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    Warning: inappropriate remark coming up ...

    Re: PalmaSutra

    Talk about one-handed operation!

    Bwa ha ha ha ha!

    (hanging head in shame for stupid joke)

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