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    "Stateside, the Treo has now been certified for the AT&T Wireless GPRS network."

    This article from the Register indicates that AT&T is now officially involved with Hand.
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    Thought I included a link. Sorry
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    I checked the Handspring site and still no luck on AT&T. Anyone else able to shed some light on this?
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    I don't think this information was ready to be released when it was released. My guess is that AT&T hasn't signed off on the release. So while I haven't had a strong denial, I can't get a strong confirmation either. I did email the guy that wrote the article and he did say "Stateside" in talking about AT&T, so it just looks like the article is a bit premature. I also asked Treo Central and they gave me a roundb about response by pointing me to the Handspring website which doesn't list AT&T has providing gprs services. But they didn't contact Hand and supply a clear denial, which is why I think we are on hold until it becomes official.

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