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    Just want to say that I just can't stand it when people see the treo and say "ITS A BIG PHONE!" It pisses me off!
    They just don't undrestand what this wonderful device is capable of.
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    When I hear "it's a big phone" I pull up a web site and say "yea but can your phone do this!!!

    (if it's a good friend, I show them a xxx site)

    That usually shuts them up.
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    Hey...compared to Nextel bricks, the Treo is sleek and sexy. Once those people take a good look at your Treo, I'll bet many of them are drooling and running out to get one.
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    My treo300 is a comunication devise. Oh and I can make phone calls on it too. I love this thing.
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    These people have no clue of how powerful the Treo can be!! Thye can have their stupid candy phone anytime and I'll gladly keep my trusty Treo!!
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    That it is a lot smaller than carrying a Palm AND a phone.
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    just tell them that SIZE MATTERS... o yeah, in phones too
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    Originally posted by Druce MacFarlane
    That it is a lot smaller than carrying a Palm AND a phone.
    I had a sales call with an executive yesterday that attended our meeting with a cell phone, a palm, and a blackberry for wireless e-mail.

    I showed him my Treo.

    He promptly called his assistant and told her to drop everything, find a Sprint store, and get him a Treo.

    Now let's just hope he does not have provisioning problems.

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    you just tell them that it is smaller than a desktop

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