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    Yes... I've been searching for a solution to this problem for about a week and haven't got very far.

    basejet claims they will eventually support calendar and contacts and also integrate interopoability between it and the native palmOS applications..

    but , at current, it does not do contacts or calendar, and merely functions as a mail client (It's pretty good though!)

    Anyway, if anyone knows of any wireless calendar and/or contact solutions that could integrate WITHOUT exchange or notes, but still grab data from outlook, please point me in the right direction. I'll be happy to evaluate it..

    Thanks in advance
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    Search the discussion board for "wireless hotsync" for instructions. Just enable the conduits that you are interested in.

    Hope this helps.
    --invention is the mother of necessity
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    Nice. This worked fine..

    Two things this should have but doesn't:

    a) Does not push you changes as they happen
    b) you cannot auto-schedule a wireless sync every 2 hours

    But at least this works..

    Thanks again
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    How did you find these conduits? I searched "wireless hotsync" and did not come up with anything ...

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    In "Howto/Troubleshooting" forum:
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    I haven't tried this out yet myself but it looks promising. Check here.

    Edit: Nevermind, this isn't what I wanted to link. Now I can't find it. Urgh.
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