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    Hey guys...

    Got a question about building Palm apps. I work for the Convention & Visitors Bureau in Nashville, TN. One of my co-workers found this app that contains information about the city of Toronto (AANS Toronto). He thought it would be cool if we offered this sort of thing for convention attendees coming into Nashville. With Palms so prevalent these days it's a no-brainer to offer them something that they can take with them as they're traveling around Nashville.

    So my question is two-fold.

    1) How hard would it be to build something like and how would I get started. What app(s) would I need to have to begin building something like this?

    2) If this is beyond me then who would I turn to for outside development?

    I do web development/design so programming isn't totally foreign to me but I know ZERO about "real" (hardware based) programming.

    Anyway...when my co-worker asked me about this, VisorCentral was the first place I thought of. So, I'd appreciate any input on this.

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    The truth is that if you have no programming experience in any language it is going to take you some time to go up the learning curve.

    There are a several Palm OS programming applications. Some of them are more paint by numbers, which means you don't have to be an ace programmer to put together an app, but you typically do not have full control over the app. It has to fit within the abilities of the development app. Others, like CodeWarrior, give you complete freedom, but demand a much higher level of skill.

    If what you want is more like a brochure web site, you are probably ok with the simpler forms based ones. You can probably do it, but it will take a fair amount of time.

    I would recommend you look at the developer content on Palm's or Handspring's website for starters. I believe they list the various development tools, and most have trial versions.
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    Thanks...while I'm no ace programmer, I do have about 2 years experience in programming for the web so there's that.

    Personally, I see this project being pretty easy to build...I just don't know where to start.

    Thanks for the input.

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