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    Ok...I know many people here may be sick of seeing other non-treo devices on these boards. But I was wondering what people here thought of the 6750 since it will also be offerred by Sprint and Verizon. This thing is going to be the first BlackBerry for CDMA networks and it combines BlackBerry's faomous extensive e-mail features with a dual-band CDMA phone (CDMA 800 / CDMA 1900), 1xRTT high-speed data, SMS, browser and organizer applications in a single handheld and supports Java 2 Micro Edition (J2ME). Plus it has a large display, mini-keyboard and jog wheel.

    I know many people here use the Treo only for email and almost never use palm OS pda features. I was wondering if the 6750 was appealing to those useres?

    Link to Blackberry 6750 specs
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    Any idea on price? It almost seems like it would be comparable, but without a color screen, and no real software expansion, why limit yourself.

    Besides, they must have infringed on some Handsping patent by placing the Mic just below and to left of the spacebar
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    Besides, they must have infringed on some Handsping patent by placing the Mic just below and to left of the spacebar
    LOL! That would serve LIM (lawsuits in motion) right to be sued by HS for patent infringement!

    Anyway, I have no idea about the price although I expect it should be some where in the $500 range at least. It is scheduled to release by 1st quarter 2003. Also, I think alot of corporate blackberry users who would have initially bought the Treo are now going to get this device. I have a troubling feeling about the future of my beloved Treo 300 if HS does not soon come up with a uprade that more fully utilizes palm OS 5 plus the myriad of ohter features people want (SDIO, high rex screen etc).

    IMHO, the fact is if people just want email connectivity then the Blackberry device is going to be trouble for HS. The Treo needs to be a good wireless email rretrieval device like the blackberry, but it also must be a good pda which the 6750 is NOT! HS must leverage the utility of Palm OS to differentiate itself from blackberry. And it needs to do this FAST!! Do you hear HS? HURRY UP WITH THE TREO 500!!!
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    As someone who switched from bb to treo, I can tell you the treo 300 is much better than the bb. While the bb was the king for effective email connectivity, treo + pick your mail app beats it hands down. Coverage is better too.

    While I think the bb is faster for data entry in some cases, thanks to the larger keyboard, the treo is good enough.

    Also, the web browsing wins hands down, and the thousands of palm apps justs adds to the margin between the two.

    Some people lament the OS version not being 5, etc., but in actually, it doesn't matter much.

    HS needs to worry about the Pocket PC with a keyboard...

    In 12 months, there will be more treo 300 in use than bb...enough market to push the treo further.

    At least that is what I hope... :-)
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    I am sad to say this will probably be my last post to this forum. I have had my Treo for about 3 weeks and I made the decision to return it this morning.

    I am a long-time PPC owner and was not expecting much from a "Palm" device. Boy was I suprised. The Treo 300 is a GREAT machine. I read some of the complaints about download speed and find myself thinking "WHAT ARE PEOPLE EXPECTING"? My load speeds are excellent. Not as fast as my cable modem at home, but who would expect that from such a small and sleek wireless device.

    I've never owned a blackberry, so I can not compare to that. But I can say that HS has nothing to fear from PPC in terms of a keyboard device. PPC hardware makers simply don't innovate. I like my ipaq, but look at the new generation PPC's and they all look the same. NO INNOVATION.

    Just in case anyone was curious, I am returning my Treo for one (maybe two) reason(s). 1st, I didn't realize the Treo was a single-band machine. What in the *#LL was HS thinking. I didn't even know they still MADE single-band phones. That was simply very poor plainning on their part. 2nd, is the lack of an SD expansion slot. I could live without this feature if not for the lack of analog roam capabilities, but it would be nice to have.

    I keep hearing about a Treo 500 and other machines that are soon to release and I'm wondering if in another 6 months I will be looking to replace my Treo 300. At $500 a pop, I can't afford that type of loot. I remeber my initial impression when I first saw a Treo. It was something along the lines of "what a useless machine. Who could EVER type on that keyboad?" Well, I have news for you, that keyboard is one of the best hardware features of any PDA/telephone device. That will be a strong consideration when I purchase my next machine.

    So I'm going to return my 300 and hope that HS releases a dual-band Treo SOON.

    This is a SWEET machine. I'm really going to miss it.
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    I'm a former Blackberry user (well, I guess I could still be one since I have it here and it still has service <g>). The thing that the Treo has for me over BB is the variety of programs. There is still very little in terms of 3rd party apps for the BB. And although it was nice to have my mail pushed to me, quite honestly I can check my email periodically to see if I have mail!

    I used my Treo in Europe to not only be in touch with my family and business while I was away for 10 days, but also to check my email and deal with client issues over the internet. And now that I have the CorrectHack and KeyCapsHack I'm not sure there is anything about the RIM that I miss at all.


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