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    I was pretty much all set to recommend the Treo 300 for my friend until I found these reviews over at Can anyone tell me if they've had similar experiences? I am a current Kyocera 6035 user planning on upgrading to the 7135. My friend however is a PDA newbie so I figure the keyboard on the Treo makes it a better fit for him.

    On the otherhand I found one somewhat positive and another really positive review:

    So like, is the phone more good than bad or more bad then good?

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    I've had this phone/PDA about a week now and it seems to work fine for me. I also have long term service with Sprint >5 yrs and have no real complaints. Their tech service is difficult to deal with as many techs don't know this phone and you have to wade through Claire to get to the meat of the service, but its doable.

    I wish the battery life were a bit more robust, but having a nice color screen, keyboard, and Palm OS make up for the relatively short battery life.


    Bob Duckworth
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    personally i love it. i am not an especially heavy phone user. i'm an email junkie who sometimes needs a phone too. with this, i might not even have to lug a laptp on a short trip! standing in stores, i email reminders to myself. its great.
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    I have had it for almost a month now and I love it. Some of the problems from the fist eopinion could have been solved by reading the documentation.

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