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    I am considering trading in my spring LG3000 for Sprint Trio, since I have a family plan with unlimited Sprint PCS Vision, Is it worth it?
    Can I use AIM as my messanger, as I already do at Home and Work? How do you do it?

    How long will the AIM IM stay up or active? IS the internet w/Sprint always on???

    Any insights?

    Since I use Outlook and Word, And Quicken, Is this really the best phone for me?

    Is it upgradeable at all (16mb)?

    Would I be better off waiting for a Microsoft OS phone?

    Why no bluetooth headset, any ideas?

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    you can find a bunch of answers to those questions on some very informative threads on this site, just look around. for instance, there is an extensive thread about the bluetooth headset available, and several on AIM.

    there are also threads discussing this phone versus others, and whether it is upgradeable or not (generally, no)

    this is an excellent bbs with a huge amount of info.
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    Just FYI, I currently have a work-around solution for IMing that is ok, but definitly not always on. You can leave aolIM connected, but it seems to absoultely destroy battery life and block incoming phone calls among other things.

    PDApps is coming out with a multi-protocal IM program that promises to fill in this huge short coming that the treo has (as compared to something like a Sidekick).
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    I use AIM on my treo300. Just started to last week. I was able to answer phone calls with the AIM session active. I returned with no problems after the call ended.

    I don't leave it on, but it does disconnect you after some time of inactivity. Incidentally, so does sprint. Though the connection is always on, you will be disconnected after 2 hours.

    The 16 mb memory makes this not so condusive for outlook, word etc. I'd wait for the MS one if that's what you are after in a phone.

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