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    I was wondering if the treo 300 can be upgraded. for example better palm software
    could the web browsing software get better to maybe so real time jave. foxsports has a application to stream score to java emabled phones . right now we have to hit trefresh to se score change.
    or maybe when u click on a pdf file yuo can view t with adobe. right now I have d/l a pdf to my laptop then sync it to my palm
    just wondered if what we have got is the best we can have and to get better we have buy the treo 500 if it comes out
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    there are some other threads on this, but i believe the bottom line on the palm o/s is that the newer versions require a different chipset than the one in the treo, so that upgrade will not be possible.
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    aaron12 is correct regarding the upgradabilty of the Treo 300. The current bottle neck in the Treo is the Dragonball EZ chipset of the motherboard. A Palm OS 5.x treo will have to incorporate a Arm based processor. Other such processor as found in TI OMAP used in the TT have integrated DSP and BT support. However, it has been said that smartphone product cycles are approximately 9 months behind the latest pda offerings. Thus I would expect a Palm OS 5 Treo sometime by the second quarter (May-June) with many of the upgraded features most people want.
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    I wonder if srint or handspring will offer a trade in program for us treo 300 (beta he he).
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    Do you think it will be able to access secure sites like brokerages, banks, etc. Everything I try to use my TREO 300 for it doesnt work. I cant even get AOL to work on it. All these things were possible from my old phone. I think I am returning the TREO.

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    I'm just happy to have bright color and unlimited data in a form factor smaller and lighter than my 6035. Just finished a 4 month daily vigil for the 7135 and now that I have a treo the LAST thing I want to do is to start pining for more vaporware.
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    Did you try using a java-enabled browser like Xlino (or whatever the name is)?

    Just because the OS isn't upgradable doesn't mean the software isn't.
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    Just using a Java-enabled browser may not be enough. I tried to use Xlino to connect to my company's website to access my E-mail. But it didn't because the site will work if it doesn't detect either IE or Netscape. So it could be the problem is actually at the other end.

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