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    My contract with voice stream is up in 74 Days, I am considering dropping voice stream and moving to sprint for the better data options.

    The only hesitation is the phone number not being portable.

    This being my first contract with a cellular company, I don't know what comes after my contract expires.

    Does it autumatically roll over for another year? Will I just move to a month to month contract?

    Thanx for the info.
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    My experience is that once you have fulfilled your contract, your service continues on a month to month bases, unless you take advantage of some new rate promotion in which case they will lock you back into a contractual period.
    And, if you currently have any special rate, such as free week ends or what ever, they tend to go away at the end of you commitement which will ultimately cost you more to continue your service unless you recommit to another promo.

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    Originally posted by Felipe
    My contract with voice stream is up in 74 Days, I am considering dropping voice stream and moving to sprint for the better data options.
    If we are talking "Treos" here, you will need a new phone too right? Your GSM Treo 270 will not work on the Spring CDMA network - you would need a Treo 300.

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    I am with T Mobile for more than a year. However, being the ***** that I am, I extended for another year!

    Sprint is definately a better way to go, considering they have their Vision plan that is UNLIMITED for $10/month.

    I'm trying to yell as loud as I can so T Mobile can hear my rants! I am paying $19.95/month for 10MB.

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    >T Mobile GPRS data rates sucks!!!!!<

    Fight back. NO ONE should order this rip off plan. There are dialup isps that offer cheap and inexpensive service, and many people can already use the dialup they use at home. For those who can't, there are other solutions. They may not be as elegant, but the VS plan is literally ridiculous. Just say no.

    (Try does 60 hours for $20 sound?)
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    Howdy. I don't know a better system than the SIM card. I tried Spring PCS and their service was as mediocre as T-Mobile, at best, but CMDA phones (Sprint PCS) do not have SIM cards. With the SIM card you can switch phones at any given time (I did, from 180 to 270) by just switching the SIM card. Regarding the GPRS and T-Mobile's $19.95 per 10 MB, I think we should yell long enough until they change that to a flat fee: In time, I hope, they'll listen.

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    You may want to poll the people in your area about coverage. I had Cingular last year and wasn't happy with the coverage in the area that I live and work in. I know people who live/work in other areas that love Cingular. I now have Tmobile and while I can't say the coverage is wonderful, it has been much better FOR ME than Cingular. It could be the other way round where you live. The warning about being chained to Sprint for the life of the product with a 300 is also something worth mulling over; one couldn't even threaten to defect. What would a 300 be worth if Sprint went bust? I never thought Worldcom would go belly up but there it is. I think most people have at least one cellular contract horror story to tell, and I'm just glad that they only lock us in for a year as compared to 5, or something horrible like a mortgage!

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