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    I'd love to try this program out but I can't get it to connect. I use the recommended IP address from the win-hand server on the Treo but get the error message: A win-hand server was not found at this address.

    I have Win 98 machine, DSL and Win-hand version 2.5

    Any help out there?

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    I'm using it on my Win2k machine with a Treo 270 with no problems. If you have a router you may have to open up a port to let it through (I did).

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    How do you do that port forwarding if you're behind a router?

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    My provider is SprintDSL and I've been through the port forwarding procedure on their web site. Still can't get it to connect.
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    I've gotten it to work,it's very fast on a 300. Unfortunately, it's really hit and miss with my router. It connects once, then next time I start the computer, no luck. It's fine if I connect directly to my DSL modem. Maybe v. 2.52 will work for you, and perhaps even the IP address route.
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    with WinHand.

    I love it, but about 33% of the time it can't find the server. Usually the server has locked up and needs to be closed (by killing the process); sometimes when I try to restart it, it tells me that the port is being used, though I'm pretty sure it's not. The fact that I only restart my server once every week or so (when the MS security patches come out, hehe) probably doesn't help, but the fact is my server is very stable for the most part.

    I have tried a few different ports, btw, including the default WinHand port, port 6010, and some other server port.

    When it works it is SO much faster and more convenient than PalmVNC, I hope the developer can make the server more stable.
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