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    I've had a Treo 300 for 2 months with great performance. Today I am having extreme difficulty getting voice or data at my ususal location. Signal strength goes from 2 bars to "no service" and back again, it sometimes says I'm roaming (regardless of whether "enable roaming" is checked or not, and I can rarely get a data connection. Before today, I used the phone and data services at least 1 hour a day w/o a single hitch at this location. All else on the phone seems ok and it works in other extremely areas that have an extremely strong signal.

    I called Sprint, and as you might imagine, didn't learn much after 2 hours on the phone. They had no info of any cellular difficulties in my area (80210, Denver) and told me to have the phone's diagnostics checked at a Sprint store.

    Does anyone have any experience with this sort of problem?

    Thanks in advance for any advise you may be able to offer.
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    It would really help to know where you're located.

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    He said Denver, unless you wanted something more specific.
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    Local Sprint store said they cannot get service from their location either-- seems to be a problem with up to 3 cell towers. Interestingly, no one at the national Sprint PCS helpdesk had any info about it, and I talked to several people...
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    Have seen this in the area around Raleigh, NC for the past week and a half. See my previous post which I believe was titles Voice calls / drops. Same thing happens, you dial with 2 bars, it says dialing, then flashes back to the speeddial page with no service, then almost immediately 2 bars again (this is standing in one place the entire time).

    I figured it may be due to the ice storm we had down here, but if it is happening in Denver.....


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