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    I was playing around with installing some midi tones for ringo and somehow sent my treo into an eternal reset loop. I finally got out of it and backed it up so there would be no problems, but somehow my entire network library, located under the preferences tab is gone. Without that file I can't access any data portions. I eventually did a hard reset and then synced the system but i already backed it up without the net files.

    Of course Sprint Said its Handspring problem and handspring is directing me back to Sprint.

    If someone knows where I can access the .pdb file or whatever file I need to get my network library back up, then sprint provisioning will reaccess my account.

    Any Suggestion???
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    A hard reset (reset while holding power) should restore every thing to working order including any missing files in memory. Then just sync again.
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    Deep in my heart I knew that was the answer. It just that had to come to grips.

    I also had to create a new backup file with uncorrupted system files and then re-install the files manually.

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