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    It seems others are having problems accessing there stock accounts as well. I have been able to log on to account but not recieve any account info or trade after that. I believe that is where the Blazer security does not work anymore going to the next page is probably behind a corporat firewall intranet??? I was also unable to access bank accounts online as well as my 401K account online past the first page. The Blazer 2.0 is supposed to be the lasest greatest secure browser out there ???? Can anyone correct me on this ??? Is there another browser compatible with the TREO300. I Just bought my TREO300 and it does less than my 2 year old sprint wireless web phone I only have another week before I have to make up my mind and bring it back. It just seems so awesome but what is the point if you cant access banks and brokerages with it???

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    search for browsers in this forum. Xiino is very popular. good luck.

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