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    Anyone using Facer as their launcher? If so, is there a way to make the pqa web clipping applications appear? Thanks.
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    I think you need to download the PQA files to make them work. I quit using them after upgrading from Prism - they are buggy and not always updated. I haven't heard of too many people using them on Treos, anyone used with always on internet?

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    Haven't figured it out myself. They don't appear in the launcher side.

    Word(s) of caution!

    If you have Treo Alert installed, this can cause a fatal exception-reset required-error. Not TOO much of a problem, but it sucks waiting another couple minutes to make a phone call or do anything.

    The error comes up when you've missed a call, for instance... X amount of time (that you've specified) goes by, and Treo Alert does its job--but when the screen tries to turn off, it causes the error.

    No luck assigning a button (on-screen) to applications so you could get to your PQA's either... So, I don't have it as my default--which is a shame--it's so nice looking!

    As far as those PQA's go--I use quite a few of them--VERY FAST... black and white only, but it beats Blazer for speed. I use Gopher King for my hotmail and other services, then a variety of others for news, airline information, etc. Just install the Web-Clipping libraries, and you've got instant access to 500+ current PQA's which you might find handy. Just search for Palm VII internet PQA's, and you'll come up with loads--check with for software and they've got an extensive list.
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    I love the new Facer version, but it has zero support for Treo300 jog dial or up/down buttons. I wrote in to them, and here is their response:

    "Thanks for your email. We currently do not have any Treo device for testing purposes, hence, I think we can serve our customer better by concentrating on few, traditional device. The software does work for Treo, just a bit under-optimized. We might possible add this feature once we get our hand on any Treo device."

    You'd think the Treo has been out long enough to "get their hands on one"

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