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    Palm's built in address book function allows you to sort by contact last name or company name. I would like the flexibility to sort by first name, or by city. Does anyone know of either a hack or a third party app that will allow this flexibility and still use Outlook as my contact manager?
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    Agendus does this, and a whole bunch more....there are a bunch of programs that will do this, check PalmGear.

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    Thanks...I checked out Iambic Agendus. On the one hand it will do what I want, on the other hand I hate to invest in (yet another) contact management program for the simple functionality of sorting on the fields of my choice...
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    ContactsPro lets you search for first, last or company name similarly to the Nokia Search Feature. It automatically brings up all of the selections that start with the letters you input. It works well for me, and might be what you're looking for. Here's the link for ContactsPro at a decent price : ContactsPro

    If you do decide to get this through these vendors you're best off using Explorer. I tried to use Mozilla, and the darn transaction never did work. Don't know why, but explorer worked fine.

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