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    I think the idea of turning into your charging PDA into a desk clock is cool. But the question I have is, what is the way to make it so the screen doesn't turn off when it's charging?

    I suppose you could manually make it so the screen doesn't time out.. but i'd forget.

    Is there a hack?

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    One of these should do the trick for you!

    Happy hunting.

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    Found this while hunting for stuff on Although I have to say, why do you need a clock at your desk while charging? Your PC clock is right there! However, I have to admit, this looks like a neat program. I myself would download it if it was free, but it's not. They do have a 50% thing going for the next few days though...

    Splash Clock
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    A comment on AlwaysOn says it doesn't work with the Treo.

    So now I get to plug my software.

    Don't let the name fool you. It'll work even when you're not online.
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    If you downloaded StayOnlineHack from PalmGear in the last 15 minutes, do it again. There was a bug and it wasn't working properly.

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