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    Does anyone know of a way to "ignore" the call with the lid closed other than the UP scroll button? My case actually blocks the up scroll button and therefore, I cannot force a call to voicemail. Is there another way - say with the jog dial without opening the lid? Obviously, opening the lid answers the call which is exactly opposite of what I want to do... ;-)


    Lee Ladisky
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    Just do nothing. The call will automatically go to v-mail.
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    the jog dial is the best method. It doesn't force the call to voicemail it only silences the ringer, but as far as you're concrened it's not ringing anymore.
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    Pressing the up button at the bottom of your Treo (right below the space bar) will send the call to voicemail automagically, but if you can't reach the jog dial in your case, you probably can't reach the up button either. Good way to deal with a call later, though.
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    Why all the heroics?

    Like I said, if you want the call to go to vmail simply don't answer it.

    If you want it to stop ringing put the phone on vib!

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    Well, sometimes my Treo is on my desk, and if I have it on vibrate, it makes avery loud, annoying sound. I like to avoid loud, annoying sounds, so instead of waiting out the 4 long rings, I simply press the up button.
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    Didn't know that the the jog will silence the ringer, by mashing it upwards. Cool - I actually need that function from time to time.
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    Have you tried pressing the power button on an incoming call?

    TRY IT! it works for my 270! Do i win a prize for helping my fellow 300 owners so much?

    "it's not the quantity, but the quality"

    There are NO Limits
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    Okay on my next call, no matter who it is, I'm going to give the power button a try...

    Nicely done Christo1970!

    Lee Ladisky

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