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    Business Connection has caused my Treo to crash while HotSyncing since the day I installed it. Once reset, the Treo syncs fine. Tech support at Sprint was completely unhelpful. I have uninstalled and re-installed Business Connection several times. I hardly have any 3rd-party software on my Treo and I would be surprised if there is a software conflict.

    Has anyone else experienced this problem?

    Any suggestions?

    Do any other e-mail apps provide 1) push e-mail and 2) corporate Outlook syncing? To my knowledge, Treo Mail only can pull e-mail.

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    It's a constant reset for me, too, everytime I Hot Sync.
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    It happened to me once today, but has never happened before or since. I will watch to see if it starts happening...

    But man, I love PUSH e-mail from bizconnect... Only thing I don't like is that it doesnt seem to get my imap folders... just the standard ones.

    Oh well.

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