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    My Treo 180, which has had a bevy of problems that I've worked around, finally threw one today I had to get it replaced. Here's a log of my experience for general edification.

    I've been a loyal Handspring customer since Nov 99. Had a Visor Deluxe, then converted that to a VisorPhone. Then bought this 180 used via Ebay. BTW, I paid $385 at which point Handspring reduced their price to $350. So you can thank me for that price drop.

    Called 877-426-3777
    Message told me there would be a 1 minute wait time.
    24 minutes later I was speaking with an Indian tech "Raisa".
    I started out by describing the problem and that I've seen a lot of reports of this very same problem on He seemed to know just what I was talking about. He asked if I hard resetted? I told him I had. He asked if I'd bought the Treo online from Handspring. I said No. He asked if I bought it from a retail store. I said yes. He then said he would ship one out to me overnight at no charge. I dropped the floor on the phone (just kidding). But I was really stunned. I'd read hear about $25 charges and having to send in my phone first. I was ready to do battle. No need. He took down my particulars, gave me an RMA and now I'll wait for Monday.

    Have to admit, this was one of the better tech support calls I've ever had.

    This call follows 3 days after having the _worst_ tech support call I've ever had. This was a radio-reset issue. My main frustration was that it was nearly impossible to understand them due to the poor VoiP quality over to India. But I didn't have that problem this time and the guy spoke decent enough English. Full details are elsewhere on this board.

    So, I'll update on Monday to see if I get the phone.

    I'm pleased to be finally getting a swap. This phone as the GPRS update which I could never get to work with Cingular here in NC. Also the vibrate function died about a month ago. So I'm due for an upgrade.
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    I have the speaker problem--it became annoying enough for me to have to get it replaced. I've had the 180g about 9 months now and this is the first replacement for me.

    I just got off the phone with Handspring and here is a non-summary of my conversation:

    *after giving my credit card info, first Muhammed asked me if I was willing to try a fix that works "sometimes", plugging and unplugging the earpiece while switching back and forth between the speaker phone. This sounded sketchy, would have cost me $20 for the call, and if it didn't work I'd have to call back. So I said I wanted the unit replaced

    *I asked him if handspring acknowledged that this was a known defect. He said no, he/they only get 1-2 calls for speaker phone per day.
    *He also mentioned that the cause (of the non-acknowledged problem) was the customer flipping open the phone either too much or "not the way the phone was to be used"

    *I asked him if he felt that handspring should have tested the product prior to releasing it so that the treo would be insensitive to this usage--he replied that handspring has good quality.

    *I asked if the refurb unit he would be sending would have a fix, ie the speaker wire was different than the the one I had. He said no.

    *I asked, so this problem could re-occur, because handspring has not taken any action to fix/prevent the refurb unit from having the same problem--he agreed.

    *He also said that my warranty was only good for 1 year from my original purchase, eg if the refurb unit fails in 4 months (plus the 9 months I've had my current treo), I'm out of luck (most of these failures take a few months to show up).

    *He said that the replacement would arrive in 2 days. And that he would check with his supervisor to see if the $25 replacement fee would be waived.
    I encouraged him to do so.

    My overall sentiment is disappointment that Handspring does not acknowledge this is a problem, and is not doing anything to fix the problem. Hopefully I will also not have to pay the $25 for the replacement.

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    funny how it seems to be a crapshoot whether you have to pay to get this fixed or not.

    Saw today that 180s are down to $99. Pisses me off I paid almost $400 not less than 6 months ago. Grrr. I think they know they're junk now and are trying to unload them.

    I'm shopping for some nice Nokias for me and my wife as replacements for these things. At this point I'm willing to give up on the concept of a single device for everything. I've already gone back to Blackberry to get decent wireless email. Since treo now sucks as a phone too I see no reason to lug the thing around.
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    My speaker also just died the other day (I bought mine in April) while I was away & my wife was trying to reach me to tell me that one of the buddies I was with mother in law had passed away. Well I couldn't hear a thing & I didn't have my earpiece with me. It had worked fine on the prev call. Anyway they are sending me a replacement. They waived the $25 fee because they were on backlog & they did acknowledge that there is a problem with the speaker & that it has been fixed on the new ones though I could possibly end up with a refurb though he doubted it since they were on backlog. How do you know if you end up with a refurb vs a new one? BTW my stylus also kept falling out, I didn't even think to complain. Hopefully I do get a new one & not a refurb & both problems will be resolved
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    It's Tuesday. Promised me the replacement on Monday. Par for the course I guess. I'll wait til tomorrow before trying to track it down.
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    Same thing. I bought my 180 in April and it worked fine through all through adding software, GPRS upgrade etc. Yesterday I really annoyed someone by calling them 4 times before I realised what the problem was. Actually, with some experimenting I noticed that the speaker works if I keep the lid about 0.5 inches from being closed. But that is impractical to say the least, so HS is sending me another one. Not a big deal if it fails after warranty expires as they will probably cost $2 by next April.
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    Well so far Handspring is delivering. I received my replacement unit as promised in 2 days. My credit card has not been charged, so it looks like the $25 was waived. And the 180g looks new to me (it also looks like it came from Solectron). Tonight, after the battery is charged, I'll hotsync everything over to the new phone and hopefully be on my happy way.

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    It's Thursday. I sent email Wed morning. They responded a couple hours later with a "we're sorry, but it's shipped now, here's a tracking #". I tracked and Airborne hadn't yet received the #.

    Checked again today and see that it did ship out Wed night and it's now tracking as on a truck headed to my house now. So they shipped it overnight which is nice.
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    I haven't been home yet today but it sounds like mine arrived today as well according to my wife. Shipped Fedex. Hope it's new & all Hotsync's OK. Also hoping the speaker wire has been upgraded on the new models.
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    Hi all. Here's my situation...

    I'm still on my first Treo 180--got it in late Feb. Now have a non-working speakerphone as of late Nov. Called tech support, waived the service call cost. Offered a refurb replacement w/o hesitation. I requested a new unit instead. Cust. Svc. forwarded my request to HS Rep who handles new unit replacements. Awaiting a callback from HS regarding my request. I'll let you know what happens with the pending issue Carry on...
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    if you ask for a replacement now, chances are you'll get a new one if you do the immed replacement & they should waive the $25 because they have not had enough in stock.
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    I received my replacement last night. It's a new unit (not refurb) as far as I can tell. Seems to be in perfect condition. It came without the gprs update. I may just cruise without that for now until Cingular supports it. I never was able to get it to work.

    This is a nice way to get a new Treo. Handspring seems to be very aware of the speaker problem. The magic words seemed to be "I have to hold the cover open about 1/2 inch." As soon as he heard that he said, "Yeah, we know what that is... we need to send you a replacement".

    I'm happy because I have a new device that isn't all banged up. I also had lost my vibrate feature and now I have that back. I've also been rolled back to the "safe" ROM (pre-gprs) so I'm feeling better about that. All in all a good deal. No charge. Waiting on hold for 20 minutes was the only downside.
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    Originally posted by gflos
    Treo96...chances are you'll get a new one...
    Hey gflos I'm feeling quite happy at the moment because I am getting a new unit afterall . I finally got a callback yesterday from a HS Rep who apparently handles new replacement request issues [I simply asked & explained how it would benefit HS].
    Originally posted by robertl1
    ...I'm feeling better about this. All in all a good deal. No charge. Waiting on hold for 20 minutes was the only downside.
    I have to say the whole process is going quite smoothly for me also other than waiting 4 days for a callback. I expressed some level of doubt to the Rep that my unit is truly a new one, but she re-assured me it is, and it's built with all the "known" problems acounted for. So I'm giving HS the benefit of the doubt. Meanwhile, I should receive my unit w/in 5-7 business days.
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    Well, thanks to this board, I now know why my Treo 180's sound started breaking up last week. I thought it was the signal. But after reading this board, I checked voicemail and while listening partially opened and closed the lid. Yep, the dreaded chafed speaker wire syndrome. Well, then I opened the cover (took the thing apart). Unbelievable. There is a slot in the hinge pin and that is where the two wires run through. That slot rotates through some 160 degrees with the wires trapped in it. No wonder they don't hold up! It's like putting the wires in a pair of scissors. Anyway, couldn't find a way to remove the cover from the hinge so the wires could be repaired. Put everything back together. Going to call Handspring tomorrow. Thanks for the information.
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    So, my new (refurbed? Who can tell?) 180 is crapping out. It lasted about 3 weeks. I soft reboot it and it runs for anywhere from 2 minutes to 6 or so hours. I pull it out of my pocket and can't get it to turn on. Once the screen was "on" but was just displaying solid black. Once it was dispalying random scattered black pixels all over a corrupted display of the normal phone screen. It's whacked. I'm on hold with the fine support folk at Handspring.

    In case I haven't made this perfectly clear... I will never ever buy another one of these things. But I feel trapped into it now. I spent around $300 for this thing. Problems problems problems since I've gotten it. Argh! Are the 270s/300s as crappy as the 180? Maybe I'll try to get them to upgrade me. Not sure it's worth it though.

    ...time passes...

    23 minutes on hold. Eventually got another broken-english Indian on the phone. He was very useful though. Explained the problem in about 1 minute and we moved right to the RMA phase. I'm getting good at this I guess. Since he was so willing to replace it I didn't press for the upgrade.

    But now, here I am with a quasi-functional phone (it works for a little while after a pin reset. I'm walking around town with a Treo and a paperclip in my pocket. What does that say?
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