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    Please let me know if anyone is trading stocks at all on there treo300?

    Thank you Tim Cronk
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    I use Fidelity.

    Trading is a little friendlier than the WAP interface I used to use, but there's no difference in functionality. I would like to be able to specify specific shares being sold, but they don't have that on the mobile interface yet.

    Not much luck trying to trade through the normal website, though the Treo gives it a try.
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    I use Ameritrade and Etrade via PQA's.
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    I use etrade's pqa to trade. But it crashes the treo300 very easily for no obvious reasons. Anybody having a similar problem?
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    What is the Fidelity mobile site address? Thanks.
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    How do you access the Ameritrade stuff online with the Treo??? I ahve a dated account (merged with Ameritrade) and I can't access their site on the Treo. Thanks in advance.

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    I found this on a listing of mobile sites and it's been working for me:

    You can also go to and end up at the same place.
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    Anyone trade with Schwab. The past few times I have tried to access their wireless site, a blank page is displayed.
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    Originally posted by Animorph
    I found this on a listing of mobile sites and it's been working for me:
    Great, thanks, now I don't need to mess with installing the pqa library.
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    Is anyone actually logging into there fidelity account and placing trades with there treo300? I found that site too but seems like data is delayed . I have been able to access numerous brokerage sites but not login to or access account. I seems Blazer does not work behind a firewall these brokerages and banks have.

    Thanks Tim,

    PS I have emaile fidelity a few times . they respond and try to help but have yet to give me a clear cut answer . I dont want to open an account just to see if it works.
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    I've made trades through that Fidelity site, no problem. I'm not looking for immediate trades, so maybe there's some delay in processing you might notice. I've cancelled orders with immediate effect.

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