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    I am in West Palm Beach, Florida and have compared the Treo 300 using Sprint PCS to the Treo 270 using T-Mobile and have noticed the Treo 270 has much stronger phone signal strength in my office (4 bars for the 270 to 1-2 bars for the 300). Calls disconnect frequently due to faded signal on the 300.

    I am wondering if their is a way to improve the signal strength of the Treo 300, or is it the best you can hope for from SprintPCS, and that T-Mobile just has a better signal strength.

    Any comments.
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    Signal strength is a function of cell site proximity and density in a given geographic area coupled with location when placing the call as well as particular phone.

    I have both the Treo 300 and T-Mobile Sidekick and the signal strength differs greatly dependent upon what city I'm in as well as where I'm physically placing the call.
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    Also, the bars don't mean squat. Reception strength is a function of the radio contained within the device. In other words, three bars on a Nokia doesn't represent the same signal as three bars on a Sony-Ericsson. Since the 270 and 300 use different radio's, there is no reason to expect that the "bar" representation is equal between the two devices. Using the phone is what really matters.
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    Antennas from the different carriers sometimes exist on the same physical tower, but more often are on different towers.

    Therefore, if you are in your office, you may be right next to the T-Mobile tower, but a considerable distance from the SprintPCS tower.

    For a somewhat comparable comparison of a device's radio performance to another, compare devices from the same carrier to each other in a single location at roughly the same time. If you have any acquantances who have a SprintPCS phones, then ask them for their device so you can compare its signal strength to that of the Treo.

    But, as stated previously, different device manufacturers' antenna displays mean different things.

    I've found that the only good way to compare the phone function of a device on ONE carrier, is to go to an area where reception is poor. Then, compare the different devices by making phone calls and judging the static/reception to each unit.

    Let's say I'm in an area where my Treo only allows me to hear every third word or so of a person who I've called. I am using SprintPCS. For a performance comparison, I can only use another SprintPCS wireless device. So, if I grap my fiancee's SprintPCS Samsung and the call is crystal clear in the exact same spot at about the same time (minutes or so apart), then I can say that my fiancee's Samsung is better at call clarity than my Treo.

    Keep in mind that atmospheric conditions can also contribute to wireless/cellular performance. So, if you compare one device in a location on a clear summer's day, you will probably get different performance that if you use that same device on an overcast winter day.

    Hope this helps.

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    I've been a Sprint customer for 6 or 7 years.

    Most recently, my wife and I both had Sanyo SCP-6500 phones. It's a good phone, and has gotten consistently good reviews in the reception category.

    I disconnected my 6500 for a Treo 300. She still has the 6500.

    There's a tennis club we're members of. The signal strength has always been poor there. Not non-existent, but poor. The 6500s would often drop calls. My wife's still has problems in that area. If she's there, I basically can't call her on her cell phone.

    But the Treo 300 gets a bar or two there, and sounds as clear as a bell.
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    My Treo 300 also gets a better reception than my wife's Samsung A500. Both brand new, both Sprint, at our house. So I told my wife that maybe she should get another phone.
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    Thank you so much for all your replies.

    The most significant problem I am having with my Sprint PCS Treo300 is reception. There are many pockets where signal strength drops very low and the potential is high for calls to be dropped.

    I am not sure any of the other service carriers are any better. Wireless quality and reliability is not where it should be as yet.

    Oh well!!!
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    Personally I am able to use my Treo 300 in a number of places that caused problems with my old Sanyo phone. And I don't drop calls in a number of other places where I would consistently lose calls with my old Sanyo phone. So I can vouch for the fact that the Treo 300 has better signal reception.
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    I have been a sprint customer for about 3 years. I have always had poor reception at my office. Calls contained alot of static and would drop frequently. One of the first things I was pleasantly surprised about when I purchased my Treo was the fact that my calls are now clear in my office. I rarely have a call drop. My experience has been that the Treo has better reception than most phones. I have used 3 other phones before my Treo and they were all subpar in my office.

    Also, I live in Long Beach, CA. I have found that Sprint's coverage is very good here. This is probably no suprise since I am 15 minutes from Los Angeles and this is a high population area. I have found that halfway to San Diego (2 hour drive) the coverage is really bad, but if you look at Sprint's coverage map it shows this. My advice to any that have not switched to Sprint would be to check the coverage map before buying.
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    The part that I'm afraid of is going on a business trip to an area where I may have to pay for roaming with the Sprint Treo 300. The reason why I say this is, I have the Sprint area coverage map in front of me. They use all green colors to distinguish their digital/analog/roaming areas and it's hard to tell the difference.

    With T Mobile, I have no worries about coverage. I was just in Washington DC and had a very strong signal there, and now am in Seattle with the same results. Keep in mind I'm from Hawaii.

    T Mobile is a lot more dominant in Hawaii than Sprint.

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