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    If you are in the military and currently use Sprint for your
    cellphone provider they will give you a 5% discount on your monthlybill if you call 866 727 4645 and talk to a service rep. Be prepared to give them your supervisor's name, number and work address. This deal may also apply to all governemtn employees, including civilan and contractor, but I can't confirm that much (I can confirm that it does for military though)

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    Thanks rquetzal!! I am a military civilian contractor and I called the number and they said it will be posted on my next bill.

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    what about educators?
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    Sprint also has volume-based plans with companies. The company I work for has enough people signed on with SprintPCS that I get 20% off of my recurring monthly fees (doesn't apply minutes used over my plan amount). Supposedly, if more people sign up, the discount rate will go up. Check with your company and see if it is one of your perks.


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