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    When I get a new voicemail on my Treo 300, the notification tone rings once and never again. On every cell phone I've every had, the VM notification would repeat at a predetermined interval until you checked the VM.

    This makes sense, since Its pretty annoying to miss that first and only notification, then realize a couple of hours later that a VM has been sitting there the whole time.

    Is the Treo capable of a repeating notification?
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    No. But I'm sure there is already a third party hack out there as I'm writing this. If you're like me, my PDA phone is an appendage. Even when I miss a VM notification, I often turn on the backlight and look at the screen. If there's VM then I see it and press listen. Takes a couple of seconds. I know all my previous phones can beep every minute or so but I didn't get the Treo for that feature. So like everything else, it's only a big deal if you make it so.
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    This problem annoyed me too. I use Treo Alert Manager from and it solves this problem with user settable reminders that there is voice mail, sms, etc. waiting to be picked up.

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