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    Interesting article:

    I guess with the TREO we were expecting more from the vision speed.
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    Yeah... disappointing. I use Inbox-to-go and Eudora. I usually wait 10 -15 seconds for it to download one text message. Forty kpbs - NOT - more like 5-10kpbs.
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    Well its interesting to note that in the article, Sprint claimed an average speed of 40-60 Kbps which was the highest among providers... I wonder what the reality is? Anyway, these speeds better pick up cuz otherwise it doesn't make much sense spending $500 bucks for a smartphone...
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    This is funny, because with the novatel card for the laptop, I test out at between 80kps and 120 kps all the time... Is there some testing software for the Palm I can test with my treo?
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    Is there any way to benchmark our connections?
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    It's been said many times before, the 33 MHz processor on the Treo slows down the web. My Toshiba 2032 or iPaq with a modem load pages very fast. They both have a 206 MHz processor. My laptop with a modem flies through the web, much faster than dial up. The speeds are there, the Treo is the bottleneck.
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    I am pretty happy with the speed of my treo. Its everything I hoped it would be!
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    Sprint, as always, is BS. The actual speeds you get during the day are 1-5kb/s, more like 1 kbs. I will be driving and I want to use my web to find the location of a place, but it takes too long cause it will take 10 minutes to get driving diretions from yahoo on our 10 minutes, i'll already have driven to my destination, or gone half way around the city!

    Fact of the matter is, Blazer/Sprint sucks and they need to REALLY speed up their blazer. It's like a 28.8 modem on a desktop. SUCKS!

    40-60 kbs is bull****, cause i've never seen those speeds, however theoretical they may be. I've used blazer at 3-4am and the fastest i got was like 20kp/s. Sprint is full of it!!!!

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    how do you check the speed?
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    Originally posted by mrgarza
    I am pretty happy with the speed of my treo. Its everything I hoped it would be!
    Same here! It's much much faster than my 6035 was with data
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    I second the comments on things being a lot better than the Kyo 6035 with old gen speeds.

    How are you folks that are reporting speeds figuring out your speeds ?

    any developers here that want to putsomething together?
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    I had the Kyocera 6035 as well and I do not "that" much of an increase in speed over the treo. Pages load about the same only difference is the color pages received on the treo. With all of sprint's advertisement, I was expecting blazing speeds. I am still satisfied beats nothing at all. a2rob
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    We must remember: It's a 33MHz processor with a fraction of the computing power of a laptop. I don't think the Palm OS was engineered to run a multimedia experience. My experience with the Treo has been really positive. It's a very effective tool when full computer power isn't available.
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    I'm also a Treo 300 convert from Kyo 6035. I was jazzed about wireless web until the novelty wore off - the speed wasn't very practical. But now I love the 300 - the download speeds are adequate for my use and I got everything working without crashing. My Kyo crashed often using wireless web. The 3G speeds now are enough for small apps. I don't expect my little PDAphone to jump through hoops. We have T1 at work and DSL at home - where I do my fast downloads. I knew that the 3G advertised speeds were very optimistic so I didn't expect much but compared to a max of 14.4 on the Kyo, I'm very happy.

    BTW Robert K:
    After I read your review on the Treo and saw the Amazon deal, I jumped at it. Thanks dude.
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    It seems the longer the d/l takes, the fater it gets. I'm right now logging onto the New York Times, which started at 3.1K and right now.... has topped out @106.7K before completing.

    Usually d/l time for me is 10 - 30K, with bursts of 50 - 70. At least here in NYC.
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    If you're looking at the numbers at the bottom of Blazer, then you're looking at the page size. How are you measuring you're speed?
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    because of the positioning and numbers, I just equated it with the old Netscape readouts...

    SO sorry...
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    A really bootleg but legit way to get the speed is to look at the screen at the bottom where it tells you how many KB downloaded. Those are KiloBYTES. So take your stopwatch out, and just time it...from the moment you send, you start your watch...after a few seconds, like 30 seconds or a minute, see how much data was downloaded. This is the number of kilobytes per minute or 30 seconds or whatever, downloaded. Convert to seconds, and then multiply by 8, and that's your kiloBITS per second, not to mistake with kiloBYTES per second. KB/s is kilobytes, Kb/s is kilobits. 8 bits = 1 byte.

    For me, I get usually like 2KB/s, which is 16 kb/s, just faster than 14.4 modem. During 2-4am, I can get maybe 20Kb/s, but that's the only time I can. Anyhow, as you can see, a cable modem is literally 50-100 times faster than this connection, getting me 1Mb downloads most of the time, 2Mb peaks.

    If a pc card laptop connection gets you 40-60Kb/s, thats almost 3-4 times faster than Blazer, which is much more like it. Which means ditch the treo, and stick to laptop. Plus laptop is faster processor and can do more apps. Way way better. You can even watch dvds.

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    Just keep in mind when you measure Blazer loading speeds, you're measuring the combined slowness of the SprintPCS Vision AND the slowness of the Treo's CPU. If either part has to slow down to do something, the number suffers.
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    Originally posted by jshrieve
    Just keep in mind when you measure Blazer loading speeds, you're measuring the combined slowness of the SprintPCS Vision AND the slowness of the Treo's CPU.
    And a more common culprit: Blazer's proxy server. Use Win-Hand over Vision, or Eudora's browser, and then tell me you're only getting 16 Kbs. Maybe in your area, but here in Richmond it's significantly faster than that.
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