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    Originally posted by skidoo

    And a more common culprit: Blazer's proxy server. Use Win-Hand over Vision, or Eudora's browser, and then tell me you're only getting 16 Kbs. Maybe in your area, but here in Richmond it's significantly faster than that.
    I've noticed Xiino is a lot faster than blazer as well. I think Blazer's proxy can get overloaded quickly...
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    Xino has its kiinks and imperfections too--Xino may APPEAR faster, but at times it is slower than Blazer. Blazer will download more uniformly, so you see the page load in even chunks. Blazer will have a long delay, then all of a sudden dump a whole 40KB donwload on screen, so it looks like its super fast. And Xino a lot of times doesnt send thru. Like you have to send it twice cause it messes up the first time. Taking that into account, Xino is just as sucky as Blazer.

    If you take into account all the delays and failed sends, and time the Xino just as you would the Blazer, then I dont feel Xino is any faster overall. They are about the same...and even though Xino supposedly supports some java, I STILL CAN'T VIEW MY JAVA-ENABLED VERSION OF YAHOO MAIL. What's even more funny, is I came to a page that requires flash. FRICKING BOTH BROWSERS DONT SUPPORT FLASH. And then BOTH FRICKING PAGES WONT SUPPORT .pdf documents either.

    I have the acrobat reader for my treo too, but when i have to open up a pdf in the browser, IT DOESNT WORK. SOMEBODY TELL ME HOW TO GET THIS TO WORK.

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    Originally posted by DelMelo
    It seems the longer the d/l takes, the fater it gets. I'm right now logging onto the New York Times, which started at 3.1K and right now.... has topped out @106.7K before completing.

    Usually d/l time for me is 10 - 30K, with bursts of 50 - 70. At least here in NYC.
    Where are you getting that speed from? Are you talking about the one in Blazer? I thought that was how much has been downloaded so far?
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    Welp I bought the treo 300 on and its up forsale the next day, me the speeds are JUST like omnisky service I had and some of you may remember....I agree though the bottleneck is the treo itself......I bought it just for the "High speed" it claims....I was not impressed at all.....I will wait until something better comes out
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    Originally posted by josephtse
    If a pc card laptop connection gets you 40-60Kb/s, thats almost 3-4 times faster than Blazer, which is much more like it. Which means ditch the treo, and stick to laptop. Plus laptop is faster processor and can do more apps. Way way better. You can even watch dvds.
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    DelMelo -

    The numbers you're seeing on your Treo are the AMOUNT of data your Treo has received, not the speed of the download. That's why the the download....goes on.
    A lot of people think that number is the speed, and are bummed, thinking, "Dang it - why is this thing only running at like, 2Kbps?!" You're not alone - lots of other posts and threads on this forum have talked about this very issue.
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    hmm - guess it helps to read ALL the posts before replying to just one. The data vs speed thing got covered in some later posts.
    My bad.
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