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    I am trying to find a program that will run on Windows 98 that will allow me to draw a picture (circles and lines) and add text or text fields in a box the size of the Treo screen. Then be able to sync the info to the treo.

    I am trying to make a pinout database of electrical connectors for reference on my job.

    Any idea’s?

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    try using handspring photo album.. create the pics then convert them to jpgs. sync them to your treo.
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    I use BugMe! Messenger. Not only can you draw, you can email them and receive them. Hope this helps.
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    DiddleBug same as BugMe (without Messenger) but FREE!! search
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    One of the Diddlebug reviews says it crashes the Treo?
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    Is there a program we can draw on the TREO and then export to the PC.
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    Diddlebug didn't save anything on my Treo 300 so I use Geek Write (free) for that job.
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    I just got diddlebug (the newer version) and it workd great. Use it with widdle bug to export to pc too!
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    Where may I find the latest diddlebug & widdlebug?

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