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    Anyone notice that you can set up sprintpcs mail to "copy" another email address whenever mail arrives?

    This function does not remove the message from the sprintpcs box, but sends an additional copy to the requested email address.

    Here's why I bring it up...

    You can have SprintPCS mail "copy" inbound messages to "" to Notify you of new mail via text messaging.

    This is different than selecting Sprint's "notify my cell phone" option. The notify option sends you a message that simply says "Check your mail".

    Forwarding the message to your PCS text address provides the same notification but ALSO gives you the beginning of the message.

    If the message is too long to be delivered entirely through the "forward", you can then pop up your favorite email client (eudora, snappermail, etc) to download the whole message via the pop access to SprintPCS mail.

    For me, this pretty much eliminates the need to have any kind of "push mail" or "polling" mail client.

    2nd plus to this method over push or polling:
    Data mode does not have to be left on, meaning less battery drain (especially in poor service areas). Text messaging will even notify you if you are in the middle of a phone call!

    Hope this helps someone...
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    where is this "copy" at? all i see is "forwarding", "notify by email", or notify by PCS phone... which one do is select?
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    sorry... it's the 'forward' option..
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    hey thanks...that was an absolutely excellent tip like a charm..!!!

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