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    Anyone know where we might be able to find a palm version of the Phone.COM/Openwave/UP WAP browser?

    Seems like it is the only way to get to all the functionality of Sprint's internal WAP site (for usage info, 1000 character "PCS ShortMail", etc...)

    Blazer just gets bounced out of it.

    I don't know why Sprint/Handspring didn't include this on the Treo 300. Didn't include it on the Kyocera 6035 either.

    Samsung DID have it on my SPH-I300 in addition to the Blazer browser.

    Anyone know how to get it from an I300 to the Treo? (or get it from anywhere else?) I never could get it to work.

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    The only PalmOS version of the Openwave Up browser I have ever seen (and I looked for quite a while), was on the Samsung I300. I tried to copy the program using Filer, but it apparently uses libraries that are specific to the Samsung.
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    it was on my 6035. It was just called browser.. and a PITA to use as well......

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