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    I have a Treo 300 , My friend has a Blackberry, he told me about this app. I could download and it gives realtime Streaming Financial data. Bid/ask, up tick, down tick, charts, volume, data from ISLD it is really cool. I got the 30 day free download and from looking at the website, they support many divices and platforms. It is worth looking into. I love it. The company is called HillCast and the site is, I think
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    you might also get some additional info from this thread
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    There are a number of problems with MidCast.

    1) Not treo friendly
    2) Only ISLD feed, so many, many stocks aren't represented
    3) Bad, bad battery drain

    Overall, I think it's a terrible implementation for mobile devices, using a paradigm best suited for fixed internet connections.

    That having been said, there's nothing else around, so it may be better than nothing for your needs.
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    I played around with Mid-cast and didn't have any problems with my Treo 300. The biggest problem for me was the database was not nearly complete. Some major NASDAQ stocks aren't even listed. And, yes, it is not a very good implementation but I think it is interesting what a java applet can do on the Treo. Just a matter of time before this gets itself worked out.
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    No, I'm not sure it will be worked out. The technical approach is simply wrong for this type of device.
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    I have not had any problems with it on my Treo 300 either. Anyhow, I woild be curious to know what symbols you were using. I imputed some of the major NASDAQ and NYSE symbols with no problem. Which ones were you haveing trouble with? Just wondering..
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