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    As user of handhelds since the first palm pilots I have had an average of 2 - 3 units a year. there is a special section in my backyard called the Palm Graveyard.
    99% of them died due to a fall and then a cracked screen. Whether they fell on carpet,tiled bathroom,asphalt-from geeting out of my car to concrete. They fall-I dive-I miss- it cracks. All this to say I was attempting to put my treo back in its case when my eye hand coordination went haywire and I missed the case. I immediately went into a well reheased dance to try to catch it and then in slow motion watch it hit the ground. As I was trying to remember the number to lockline to order a new treo I noticed the screen wasn't cracked. It took a hard fall right on the corner by the headset jack and no cracked screen. Just wanted to let some of u who have experienced falls and cracked screens know there may be hope that ths is a tuff little unit.

    PS it did hard reset itself but hey I can handle that. :-)
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    the 300 is fourth pda in the same number of years. i've dropped the previous ones but never broke any. angel on my shoulder? nice to know I can drop this one without consequence, I hope. thanks for the tidbit.
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    Hey, at least the Treo didn't drop you.
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    my 2 year old niece who loves cell phones managed to reach up on my desk and pull the Treo out of the cradle, and it went crashing down on the hardwood floor. Being in the other room I wasn't sure what the sound I heard was until she came walking in and handed it to me with the flip cover open. Well to my surprise not even a scratch! The Treo is much more rugged than I thought.
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    Originally posted by PFSCHAMPION
    As user of handhelds since the first palm pilots I have had an average of 2 - 3 units a year. there is a special section in my bacckyard called the Palm Graveyard.
    Lets see, in order to get down to 99% you'd need what? 67 handhelds? So at 2-3 per year, you've had palms since 1968-1979 (at least). Wow, you must be some sort of beta tester!

    Gotta love mental aerobics.
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    Yep. I'm a dropper as well.

    One time when I got out of the car, my I90C flew out of my hands and managed to pin itself under the back wheel. I couldn't get it out without moving the car. No idea how this actually happened.

    Well, of course, within the first week my treo went flying out of the holster on my belt and slammed down on the hard garage floor. I didn't have the antenna strap attached and an arm wave sent it flying.

    I winced and prayed. And to my surprise, not a scratch. Perfect operation.

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    You better get jane Fonda out of retirement to help with your aerobics!
    I only had about 12-14 handhelds in the last 5 years of which 99% of those that died were due to cracked screens. The craziest incident was at a seminar. I had a visor prism which was too bulky for my pocket. I placed it on the ground. Later I leaned back to tell someone something and when i leaned forward -CRACK-.
    Not that I'll be doing that again but I wonder if the Treo flip lid might have absorbed the impact and saved the screen.

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    Perhaps this is why there is foam inside the Treo (refering to the thread showing the Treo innards)
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    Hi group.
    My name is Doug and I have dropsy.
    ["Hi Doug" :-)]

    Seriously... I feel like I've joined a support group! :-)
    But the truth is... now that everyone else has confessed, I'll admit that I've dropped my Treo *3* times. Fortunately, two were on vinyl floors... (I think they're softer), with no repercussions. But the *third* drop was on concrete... and it hit a *ton*. I couldn't *believe* that the case didn't crack.

    And I don't even work for Handspring (here in Louisville?). :-)

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    Bleeding edge Visor Edge.
    One of the first in the area.
    All shiney and new
    A Train barrelling into the Broadway Nassau Station
    I put it in my breast pocket of my Polo shirt
    Lean forward to see what train it was
    as I pull back and the train is 20 yards away, it makes a dash for freedom and on to the tracks.
    It had to have been the most sickening crunch I've ever heard in my life.

    I told my CEO the story, he laughed his *** off.
    We were talking to handspring about how horrible a death the unit suffered and they laughed too. But also sent a good will Edge to replace it (btw, that edge made a leap for freedom and I saved it by slowing it's decent by using my's a hint learn how to play a little soccer, air dribbling comes in handy).
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    I do the air kicking too. But one time, like a professional soccer player, I kicked and it (Palm Vx) skidded and hit the wall real hard. Still didn't break. It was probably a subconscious impulse because I wanted a replacement toy. Had the Palm Vx for over a year already.
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    Yep. I'm a dropper as well. One time as i was walking into a church my phone decided to run for freedom and landed hard on concrete only thing that happened to my phone was my plastic was chipped a little bit. When it fell I was using foul desriptive words on church grounds and I was mad at myself for 3 days.
    Thanks for Welcoming me my fellow droppers
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    So I just dropped my Treo 300 yesterday, but didn't observe the toughness described in the first post on this thread.
    I thought it had only gotten a scratch on the outside, but when i turned it on I saw that the screen had indeed cracked. The left side of teh screen is now no longer visable.

    Can anyone advice on how I can get this repaired? Is that even possible?

    Or does anyone have experience with Sprint's Equipemtn Replacement PRogram and can offer me advice as to dealing with that?

    Thanks so much,
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    Sorry to hear about your loss. Our condolences to u and your family. Its unfortunate but u know every family has a couple of kids not quite like the others.
    My experience with the Replacement pgm has only been with the phones, but according to other threads they will replace the treo. I think they only grant u 2 replacements a year & then they drop U.

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