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    I've been reading this list for a month--just registered today. I'm surprised nobody's mentioned my main gripe--VERY hard to read screen in outdoor daylight. I'm a long-time user of Palm/HS PDA's. My 300 (purchased in August) is almost impossible to read outdoors. Anybody else notice this?
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    I thought this as well. If you're outside, stand with the sun at your back and move the Treo's angle around a bit. You'll find that there's an angle that makes the screen very readible.

    Now, this is far from perfect, but you can use it outside once you discover this.
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    weve discussed it to death- since the prism I believe. now your registered try doing a search
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    I can see the screen just fine outdoors. (It's still not as good as my old Prism though....)

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    Had the same problem with my Samsung I-300, so I don't even think about it now.
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    This is the problem with passive matrix LCD's. All devices with this type of screen exhibit this problem If the screen were active matrix, the Treo would be double the price. Something we all have to live with.
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    Battery life with Active Matrix screens would be reduced, would it not? On a side note, my wife got a Sanyo 5300 and that screen is beautiful and easy to read in direct sunlight. It must be one of those transflective screens.

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