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    It seems that Treo 300 supports detailed location data on calls to 911 and there is an option to disable access to other Palm apps. So the question begs to be asked: Are there currently applications or a easter egg to get at that data? If not, is there a interface for developers on accessing this data. It might make a poor man's GPSish tracker.

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    Handspring has yet to release developer docs and APIs for the 300. They said maybe before the end of the year they would make this happen (after they release GPRS info).
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    It may seem that way, but we've seen no evidence that the Treo has any location determining abilities except for a minor menu item, which may be a remnant, or code prep for the future, and not actually do anything.

    If there ever is location determining ability, it'll probably be general -- i.e. what cellular tower service area am I in, not specific lat/long.
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    There is a software solution that looks pretty good but no idea when/if it'll be part of the Treo 300.

    They don't offer the download anymore.

    That's the software solution in question. Check out the NY field test demo. It looks like it works pretty well. Hopefully someone will develope software so we can have location based software/services on our Treo!

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