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    i try to wireless sync and get error mesage: "after connectingf to launcher, the session was dropped. check settings on your device and pc and try again." what is this? i can get my email through hotsync from desktop i presume but not wirelessly. how do i get it to wirelessly sync? and also, if my computer at home is off, will it still wirelessly sync (just pull it from pop3 like eudora?). thanx
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    it now wirelessly syncs but i want a polling schedule. i set the interval to manual/device and mark all days and hours 9a to 12a but what do i enter for "minutes"? also will it poll if my desktop is off?
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    For minutes, set it to any interval from 1 to 999 minutes. Then at every X minutes it will poll for new mail from the device, and if there is new mail, it will download it. From their support database, there is a known bug: the start hours for polling is an hour off, it will start polling an hour later than what you set it for. If you set it for 9am, it will start polling at 10am, then poll every X minutes, until the next day. They have this bug on their to fix list. If you are using standalone mode with POP3, then you do not need to have your computer on. You will use Basejet's hosted Multi-Launcher service. You do not have to any PC software, just the Basejet.PRC. Go to to read more about standalone vs. PC hosted launcher.
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    it now polls fine but it only alerts me with vibration and I would like to be alerted via audible alert. is this possible?
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    I think they are working on allowing customizable alerts which will allow you to control vibrate and alarm sounds for a future release. For the current release, there is just the vibrate. Also, they are fixing the bug which interrupts a phone call or another application when polling occurs.

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