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    According to the right side of treocentral's home page, the Treo 300 is available for $249.99 at Amazon. But when I go to Amazon, it still shows the $299.99 (after rebates) price. Is this a mistake or do the treocentral folks have some advanced info?

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    throw in the $50 Sprint activation rebate


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    According to Amazon, the price is $499 and there are two rebates (one for $150 from Amazon, the other for $50 from Sprint), bringing the total down to $299. Is there an additional $50 rebate from Sprint that they're not mentioning?

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    Oh, sorry, didn't bother to read that. No, there isn't a second Sprint rebate, I guess Amazon lowered their rebate though. I don't know of any others.

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    i was at the sprint store the other day and I saw the $100 rebate signs. didn't inquire though if it includes the treo. although $300 is still a bargain for this tool.
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    Our mistake, the old file was uploaded...


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    Yes - $300 is a decent price. The way I cost justified this to myself was that I was going to get a treo 90 or palm m515 anyway - which is about $300.

    though all the activation aggrevation does have its cost...

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