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    anyone else not able to type "&" symbol in eudora? I just get some pop up telling me how to type alternate symbols (keyboard tutorial) etc. but no actual symbol itself (just "&" is a problem).
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    I find this happens in MANY applications. Eudora, ICQ, AIM, almost any non-included program. I don't know why, but I know that trying to input list key characters often causes the program to soft-reset. Not fun. I specifically have to make a point to not accidentally hit it while using certain programs.

    It sucks. A fix would be nice. I have no easy way to input a pipe | into my ssh app, for instance, an essential. Instead I have to copy and paste from another app (before starting ssh, because ssh disconnects when closed) and setup a macro in advance. Again, it sucks.
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    This will solve all your problems....
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    Here's an easy workaround: Bring up the on-screen keyboard by pressing the menu button, then the letter "K" key. Then, you can press the "123" on-screen key (with your stylus) to bring up a keyboard screen where you can select the "&" symbol (again, with your stylus).

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