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    Hi there folks, today is day off, and looking to buy one, there is a Microcenter about 20miles away from me, thier web site states they dont have the 300 available , but they do have the lowest price as far as I know...Im in the Longisland area if anyone has ideas, Im really looking for upfront cost, not rebates .....I already use sprint and dont want another line.....thanks alot.....
    uh, HI
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    Don't trust what the Microcenter website says. Give the store a call to find out if they have it in stock. I ended up having mine shipped from a store in PA to NJ.
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    Thanks for reply alex, actually I went to the Microcenter in Westbury and they had 1! it for $349.88 out the door.....Im on the phone activating it now, see ya
    uh, HI
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    I bought mine from Westbury Microcenter. They were out of stock, but someone returned their unactivated Treo. They trimmed 20% off the price. They offer a great extened warranty. I paid around $30 or so and my Treo is fully warrantied for 2 years.
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    ya chris, they tried selling me that warranty too, actually More than the product itself......they gave me 30 days to Think about I will, im in retail myself and know how crucial those contracts are to thier profits.....I wanted that contract in writing...the girl didnt seem to come up with it, thats why I said I will look into it....anyway so far had the treo for about 5hrs and its still not activated, sprint taking their time......I call customer service and they said theres no "switch" to turn on it will happen on its own........see ya.......dino
    uh, HI

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