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    Is anybody having a problem with battery life of their Treo 300? It states in the manual that I should get 150 hours in the wireless on mode. I have fully charged my Treo and by the end of the day I have a fairly low battery indicator and get the low battery message when I try to push it. This is with probably less than 20-30 talk minutes on the phone and less than 5 minutes on the web. (I do disconnect from the web before I leave that app). I did a search on this forum and did not find any posts concerning battery life. This hopefully leads me to believe that I may be doing something wrong.
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    i would suggest that you search again because there have been several extensive threads about battery life including some great tips like turning digital roaming off and more. make sure you are searching titles and descriptions

    i am not a heavy phone user but i have been reasonably happy with the battery life considering everything the phone can do
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    how do you turn off digital roaming???

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