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    Did any of you come across "normal" ringtones?
    I've only seen music-tune ringers, and don't think Missy Elliot will come across very well at work
    Would be happy if anyone would have any thoughts/ideas/sounds that would help me come up with a louder normal phone ringer.

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    i know what you are saying. i have not seen polyphonic midi's that would be just tones, as you are describing. however did you look at the list of songs in my group? there are several jazz and theme sounds that are relatively inoffensive, such as the disney main street electrical parade, or the william tell overture (lone ranger music). also the peanuts theme, and the one called 'ta da' are innocuous. (these all are from the jazz, themes, or misc databases)
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    I have converted some popular Rap Tunes but I don't have a website from which to share them.

    I am really excited with that converter tool that was posted in an earlier post. I have that puppy bookmarked and hope to put it to lots of use in the future.

    Thanks Marcus

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    shoot me an email with ur tunes, i got 40 ring tones I got from 3gvisioncorrection then converted into one database with all of them we should trade
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