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    HELP when ever I hotsync now when i get to the Cleaning up I get this
    Fatal ALert
    Fatal Exception

    with a reset button ..

    no matter what i do I get the same message I have to do a hard reset ?
    hiting the reset button just puts me in a loop ?
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    I want to get in to delete some apps to see if thats the problem but i cannot ???

    any help please
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    try a warm reset - hold up button while pressing the reset pin. you should be able to delete the unwanted app then do a soft reset. hope this helps.
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    Also, check your Backup folder to make sure the app in question doesn't accidentally get re-installed onto your Treo. Delete the .prc from the Backup folder.

    Where's the Backup folder? I think it depends on your setup, but for mine (Win2K), it's in c:\Program Files\Handspring\MyUserName\

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