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    If I have an active call, and another call on hold, how can I hang up the active call and not hang up the call on hold? The hangup button appears to hangup both calls.
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    good question. also what is confusing nis when i get a call waiting and answer it, that second call will hang up but when i go over to the other call it acts as if the second call is still on hold. am i being charged for this second call still being "on hold" even though the second caller hung up? anyone else with this concern? also sometimes when i get a call waiting if i don't answer it the call waiting indicator never leaves the screen (as if the person calling is letting it ring and ring and ring forever...)
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    I have RTFM on this and it tells you how to end the second of a 3 way call you initiate, but not how to end a second call you receive via call waiting. I too have the feeling we are being charged for the second call even though they hang up, till we end the first call, and there doesn't seem to be a way to hang up one but not the other (in the section on 3 way calling, it says that "hang up" is meant to disconnect both calls). Too bad there is no way to get this answered. Call Sprint and they will have no idea; Handspring will tell you to call Sprint.
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    I could be wrong here, but try the back arrow key while connected to the party you want to hang up on. I'm pretty sure it disconnects one call and puts you back into the active call.

    Also, once I hung up on BOTH while trying to figure out how to handle this function, and my phone immediately rang back connecting me with the person who didn't hang up. I asked the person if they redialed and they said "no"...they simply thought they were on hold untill I rejoined their onversation.
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    VERY GOOD!! I tried it, it works. Even better, the back arrow hangs up the active call, so you can choose which call to drop by making it active and pressing the back arrow. The other call then rings back in to the Treo in about 5 seconds, and has been on hold the whole time.

    10 points for snagging this undocumented feature!
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    by the "back arrow", I assume you guys mean the backspace key on the keyboard, not the enter/return key?
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    No luck for me.

    I called Sprint, I looked it up myself, I have tried all their suggestions. Back arrow hangs up both for me. If I don't hang up on both, the other call sits there endlessly, with a "dial tone" if I switch over to it! And yes, you do get charged, as I have discovered and gotten credit for. Now I just hang up on both, and call the other person back. I -kind of- have call waiting Anyone know any other tricks?
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    Actually, maybe I should just wait. I haven't been called back "immediately", but then I have always fairly quickly called them back. Hm. Maybe I hung up on them when I started dialing. I am not overly patient....
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    It does work. Press the backspace key to hang up on the second caller. It will go back to the regular phone app screen. Wait about 5 seconds and it will call you back; answer the call and the first caller will be there.
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    This is how you know you are no longer being charged.

    When someone hangs up while you are in a call waiting or 3 way call, you will hear a quick broken dial tone after that person hangs up. You will still see it on the screen but the call is gone and the network has stopped billing you for the screen.

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    so if backspace hangs up all calls, sprint reconnects the call by having them call you back , how do you add a caller into a conference call while already in a call.

    I can make a call then dial a second number to connect them but cannot find out how to add a call waiting person into a 3 way call
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    You cannot set up a three-way call with an incoming second caller. Can only do that by dialing out yourself for the second number. See User Manual (came on your installation CD), page 102.

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