Sgrubby's recent posting of the new TreoTools beta added a feature that has been on my wish list (seperate on/off times for each day).

That got me to thinking about a wish list for all the utility software that I have come to depend on for my Treo. Note that unlike other hardware wishlists that have been posted, these are software mods only.

Here's my list, I'm sure others will have their own to add:

- LauncherX: signal strength meter gadget
- LauncherX: web and wireless tab icons
- CellPlanTracker: integrated GPRS data usage
- GPRS Network Prefs: fix auto connect on power-up option
- UI: Jog dial works in OK/Cancel dialogs
- UI: Jog dial works in drop down lists
- UI: Silent mode icon in mode/signal display
- RecoEcho+: Graffiti drawn :shortcut: symbol works with ... Key
- TreoAlertMgr: Limit on number of nag alerts
- TreoAlertMgr: Custom nag alerts per app
- Blazer: JavaScript support