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    Looking for Treo 90 gift buy. Is the coupon available? I paid $299/tax for mine but think that there may be some deals out there online for Xmas. Any insight appreciated.
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    I saw it at for $219 the other day. As usual, check for shipping charges and the like.
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    adfleisher-Went to the site today and was all over it like a cheap suit. Shipping only $2.95. I'm assuming you had a good experience with this company? Anyway, MANY thanks!
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    just wondering how good the items are on in general? the prices look pretty good, shipping is dirt cheap too!
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    I've had great luck with them, and they are also a part of the U-Promise program, so those of you with kids will be eligible to have 10% of your purchase credited towards your childs college education. Nat a bad deal in my book.
    "Whoever said bigger isn't better...Lied!"

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