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    I have been using the Treo 300 since Sept and have had nothing but problems with Ringo. If I install it, when my phone rings it disconnects after the first ring. If I uninstall Ringo, it works fine. Am I missing something here? I have gotten NO support from Electric Pocket at all. Please help!!!
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    I've experienced similar problems with Ringo where it will hang up a call if you try to pick up the call via the "one-touch" button on the cordless headset. This only seemed to occur if Ringo was installed at the same time that TreoAlertMgr was installed, but since removing TreoAlertMgr, it has happened a couple times since.
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    I have also had trouble with Ringo. It crashed whenever I tried to rename tones. It truncated tone names longer than 15 characters and the truncated tone was unplayable. And, it disconnected every call I tried to pick up with the headset
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    Well, I checked and I don't have TreoAlertMgr installed. Any other suggestions? Sprint PCS states in the manual and on the box that Ringers & More is available on the Treo 300 and of course it is not. We can't be the only three people with the "hang up" problem
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    i have it too. someone help!!!!
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    I have Ringo installed on my Treo 300 with Treo Alert Manager, e-mail, SMS and a bunch of other things and don't have any problems with this particular applicaton. It sound like an application conflict problem. One suggestion would be to remove all the applications you have and then try it and add back in one program at a time in an attempt to isolate the offending application. Yea, I know it is a PITA.

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